Wall Of fame

Tyler Zahos

York Men's Basketball

Birthday: June 3
Favorite Restaurants: Texas Roadhouse
Favorite Music: Hip-Hop
Favorite Hobbies: Swimming, going to the movies
Favorite Color: Neon Green
Favorite Character: The Avengers

Kyle Mauler

Towson University Baseball

Birthday: August 13
Favorite Restaurants: Ledos Pizza, Red Robin, Loojney’s Pub, Chili’s
Favorite Music: Dance or Pop Music, but also Country
Favorite Sports: Baseball and Football
Favorite Color:  Any of them
Favorite Celebrity:  Any Baltimore Raven or Orioles Player

Richard Klingensmith

DeSales Baseball

Birthday: April 17
Favorite Restaurants:  Texas Roadhouse, Buffalo Wild Wings, Red Robin
Favorite Music:  Depends on mood
Favorite Hobbies: Playing baseball, card games and board games
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Character:  Baseball, hockey, basketball

Jenny Kaisler

Hood College Women's Basketball

Birthday: February 8
Favorite Restaurants:  BJ’s and Red Robin
Favorite Family Activity: Car shows, participating in parades
Favorite Hobbies: Playing and working with animals, watching movies
Favorite Colors:  Blue, yellow, green, and purple
Favorite Characters:  Max Steel, Iron Man, Captain America

Robb Doub

Loyola Blakefield Men's Basketball

Birthday:  December 31
Favorite Restaurants: Red Robin
Favorite Music:  All kinds of music
Favorite Hobbies: Swimming, music, jumping on a trampoline
Favorite Colors:  Orange and Green
Favorite Character:  The Wiggles

Jackson Werking

UMBC Men's Basketball

Birthday: July 4
Favorite Restaurants:  Pizza Uno’s, Red Robin, Chick-Fil-A
Favorite Music:  Zac Brown Band
Favorite Hobbies: Football, Basketball, Baseball
Favorite Colors:  Orange, royal blue, yellow
Favorite Characters: Kids from Lab Rats, Lightning McQueen

Elizabeth Tolj

Towson University Women's Soccer

Birthday: July 23
Favorite Restaurants:  Macaroni Grill, Red Robin, Panera, Outback
Favorite Music:  Pop, Rock, Country
Favorite Colors: Turquoise, Yellow
Favorite Celebrity:  Johnny Depp
Favorite Sports:  Soccer, flag football, basketball

Dane Schimpler

Mt. Carmel Men's Basketball

Birthday: January 5
Favorite Restaurants:  Chick-Fil-A, Chili’s
Favorite Sports:  Basketball, soccer, and swimming
Favorite Hobbies: Lining up Pokemon Cards, collecting them
Favorite Color:  Blue
Favorite Characters:  Pokemon, Harry Potter, Batman