TU41 Day


Moms. Dads. Daughters. Sons. Teachers. Students. Teammates. Coaches. Women. Men. Anybody, from any sport, at any time can host a TU41 event.

If you want to join the movement, but are not sure where to begin, here is a helpful checklist.

Set a Date. We encourage you to pick a date that you feel gives your event the best marketing advantage. (i.e., a weekend, rivalry game, etc.)

Recruit Teammates. Get others involved in the effort. Identify those who can help you make the event a success. Just like in sports, great players are the components of great teams. Think about who can help you recruit participants, raise funds or organize event logistics. Sometimes the best people to ask to join the effort are the ones right around you. (i.e., teammates, boosters, marketing staff, parents, opposing team, etc.)

Register Online. You came to the right place. Registering your “team” on www.TEAMUPFOR1.org will enable you to spread the word about your event through social media and e-blasts to your friends, fans and families. The website is a tool for you to use to help elevate your event.

Take Ownership. Now you are ready to start creating your event. Brainstorm with your TU41 teammates. How will the event look? Who needs to be involved? Do we want to order Team Up For 1 apparel for our team? What is our goal? How do we generate donations? How to we increase awareness? For helpful suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Raise the Bar. There are always businesses and organizations that want to support a great cause. Create a list of potential sponsors and then work with your teammates to ask for donations. Every little bit makes a big difference.

Make a Game Plan. You have ideas. You have sponsors. Now plan your event and walk through the details. Maybe you need some volunteer support? Identify where and how, then ask for help.

Execute. This is the fun part. You have planned well and everyone knows their responsibilities…now make it happen.

We encourage you to use this website and our staff as resources in your effort. The best events we have seen have been those where passionate people come together in creative support of a cause that impacts all.

Want to host a TU41 Day? Please contact Executive Director Charles Levine for more information