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5 way to make a option?

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This is your chance to be a team captain – which directly leads to making a difference, changing lives AND creating a path for others to follow. Team Captains also serve as the link between the Team Up For 1 (TU41) Foundation and all potential participants. The best team captains use their positive energy, communication & organizational skills to generate incredible numbers by motivating friends, family, coworkers and others to be involved with a successful TU41 MVP Run/Walk. Team captains have the courage & leadership skills to guide their teams to set a goal that reflects their determination and commitment to spreading awareness and raising funds for TU41. We challenge you to become a team captain, rally your peers, and make a life changing impact in the lives of children with chronic and life threatening illnesses.

Tell One, Tell All

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have made it easier than ever to promote the Team Up For 1 (TU41)
mission of social inclusion – they are our most valuable resource to directly
communicate with our supporters and participants. We encourage all of our team captains to use your social
networks and expand our reach.
Together, we can be very successful making a big difference for some very deserving kids and their families!

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