Get Involved

Would you like to do something for TU41, but can’t get involved on a long term basis? One way to contribute, and have fun at the same time, is to host an Event. You can plan a fundraising event for your community or for your co-workers – and be part of the making everyday better for a child fighting a life threatening illness.

Host our signature event – a TU41 Day – Celebrate your MVP by hosting a TU41 Day. Have your team “swagged” out in TU41 gear while giving the spotlight to your MVP. Teams without an MVP can participate as well bringing awareness to what TU41 is all about.

Promote wellness among your employees– Host a 5K!  Many businesses and organizations have held their own 5Ks to support TU41. We have tips and tools to help get you started as well as how to be successful.

Host a Virtual Fundraiser – Employees can raise money for TU41 without leaving their desk chairs! It’s easy and convenient to support your fundraising efforts with only a few clicks! You’ll get your own personal fundraising page where you can choose a hero to honor, post blogs, pictures and set goals. People can easily spread the word about your fundraising efforts via email or through social media sites to collect donations from friends, family, co-workers, vendors and contacts.

Sports Tournament– Just about any sport can be turned into a fundraising tournament. Basketball, golfing, softball and kickball are just a few! We have even seen Wii tournaments and office mini-golf competitions. Charge an entry fee to participate and give the winner a prize (such as a gift card or TU41 Gear!) and send the proceeds to TU41. The Event can be small (like a bake sale or a jump roping contest) or larger (like a 5K or color war challenge). Your only limit is your imagination! Once you come up with an idea, sign up on the “Host an Event” page on the TU41 website. Just fill out an Event Questionnaire telling us what you would like to do and then someone from the TU41 staff will get back to you.

Refer A Child to TU41- Know someone who would be a great fit for TU41? We would love to hear all about them.

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